A Future Unlived: A forgotten chapter in South Australia's history

How was it that German-Australians who were viewed as zealous, hard working and model citizens prior to the great war were five years later, treated as outcasts in their own society?

A Future Unlived tells the compelling story of what happened to the 7000 German - Australians caught up in a war hysteria that transformed their lives, both during and after the Great War.

A Future Unlived investigates a forgotten period in our National and State history. It provides new insights into the plight of German - Australians living during the Great War and into the post-war period.

A Future Unlived comprehensively shows the impact of the Great War and the post War period on the German - Australian community from 1914-1924. This book reveals how we as a nation dealt with “enemy aliens” and how in this process the German - Australian community was so marginalized that it never really recovered from its treatment.

Michael Wohltmann was a senior secondary teacher spanning 31 years. During this time he taught year 12 Modern European History, Australian History and International Politics in country and metropolitan high schools throughout South Australia. In the last eight years he taught these subjects at Marden Senior College, which was an adult re-entry college catering for students aged 18-80 year olds.

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