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Baby Boomers: Growing up in Australia in the 1940s, 50s and 60s

An account of the experiences of children and teenagers born after the Second World War - the baby boomers - including information about attending school, games, health, church attendance, toys, entertainment - in short, what it was like to grow up at that time. Photographs.


A Future Unlived: A forgotten chapter in South Australia's history

How was it that German-Australians who were viewed as zealous, hard working and model citizens prior to the great war were five years later, treated as outcasts in their own society?

A Future Unlived tells the compelling story of what happened to the 7000 German-Australians caught up in a war hysteria that transformed their lives, both during and after the Great War.

A Future Unlived investigates a forgotten period in our National and State history. It provides new insights into the plight of German-Australians living during the Great War and into the post-war period.

A Future Unlived comprehensively shows the impact of the Great War and the post War period on the German-Australian community from 1914-1924. This book reveals how we as a nation dealt with “enemy aliens” and how in this process the
German - Australian community was so marginalized that it never really recovered from its treatment.

Read review of "A Future Unlived" by Jacquelyne Ladner (University of New England, Australia).


One Life, Three Countries: The story of a 'New Australian'

With the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, the last of that generation who lived through it are slowly departing the stage. Otto Gaczol and his life were profoundly shaped by that war. As an ethnic German boy who grew-up in pre-war Poland, he lived through the Nazi occupation just 30 kilometres away from Auschwitz and then, in January 1945, fled west as a 14-year-old refugee when the Red Army turned the tide against the Wehrmacht and made its way to Berlin. As a young adult, he took advantage of Australia’s large-scale post-war immigration programme to come here for what he thought would be a two-year adventure. It ended up being much longer than that. His story is just one of millions of similar stories of people from that generation who lived through those extraordinary times. Nonetheless, it is a remarkable story that serves to remind us of that period of great suffering and upheaval that occurred only one human lifetime ago. His journey through pre-war and occupied Poland, post-war Germany and then eventually to Australia tells a story difficult for those of us who grew up in an era of peace and prosperity to comprehend. Plato is credited with saying ‘Only the dead will see the end of war.’ World War II may now be 70 years ago, but human conflict has not gone away. In that context, my father’s story is as relevant as ever.


Falling Stars: The story of Anzacs from Ukraine

A collective biography of the men and women who came from the territory of present-day Ukraine to Australia at the beginning of the twentieth century, fought in the Australian Army in the First World War, and made their post-war lives in this strange and distant country. Through interviews, material history, and archival research, it brings their stories back to life.


Flinders Ranges Dreaming

Flinders Ranges Dreaming is an extensive collection of the traditional stories of the Adnyamathanha people of the Northern Flinders Ranges and adjacent plains. It contains over fifty stories and as many photographs and maps. It was initiated by Adnyamathanha young people who feared that they were in danger of losing their stories forever.

Fair Condition, ex-library book, library plastic cover.