Benjamin Hollister

Publishing, graphic design, education, talks, tours, imaging.

Passionate about clarity and information, Ben Hollister has many years experience in planning and research. With History helper, his aim is to ensure that you start your research in the most effective way, continue efficiently, and present your work both professionally and attractively.

Starting with his first degree in library science, with a sub-major in Australian Studies, Ben has always wanted to make sure that information is made available widely and and is presented at its best. Ben has a research speciality of German-Australian history and has spoken internationally on this topic, but continues to be involved in working with clients. Whether learning computer skills, writing technique or research technique, Ben is ready to share ideas that fit your style and needs, while working within the accepted historical frameworks.

Association of Professional Genealogists - Director

Australian Library and Information Association - Associate and Certified Professional

Bachelor of Arts (Library and Information Management) - University of South Australia

Industry Certificate (Event and Festival Design and Management) - Flinders University

Graduate Certificate in Adult, Vocational and Workplace Learning (Educational Leadership and Management) - University of South Australia

Graduate Certificate in Applied History and Heritage Studies - Flinders University

Graduate Diploma in Local, Family and Applied History - University of New England