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We must admit it has been a long and painful process with the test site ‘disappearing’ twice, but luckily we had our back ups in place and were able to restore it. That sort of thing is one of our newer offerings: Website creation and management. We thought we knew it before, but we certainly learnt a lot more in the last 6 months about how to fix...pretty much everything that can go wrong! 

So if you don’t have the time or skills to deal with your website being down, History Helper can help. Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal, we can manage and update you site for a very reasonable cost. Get in contact with us here.

We’ve also been working with some new designers and image magicians. Have a look at some of the samples here.

We’ve added all of our course and tours and you can book directly through this site.

We are slowly loading up our stock of second hand history books, so check out our shop.

And, of course, there are all of our regular services such as research, large format chart printing and one-on-one training and mentoring.


I totally enjoyed atending one of the best-organised conferences I have been to. I have learnt greatly diversified my knowledge about Germanic peoples in Australia and the skills to go forward with on my personal quest. I now have any number of projects I could address; this week might well be about setting goals and prioritising. I met a wide range of people with considerable knowledge and skills. Thank you to the organisers and all the others who attended to make it a special occasion. - Philip M.

A big thankyou to everyone, the excellent organisers, the helpers, the presenters and all those who attended because I learnt something new from everyone I spoke with and that made it superb for me. - Kevin B.

Thanks Ben at History Helper for a very informative tour in perfect weather. Definitely worth doing - Christine F.!

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